Kerala Cuisine:
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    Kerala cuisine offers many delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It has a distinctive cuisine, very unusual and different from the rest of India. For over 2000 years, Kerala has been visited by ocean-goers, including traders from Greece, Rome, the eastern Mediterranean, Arab countries, and Europe. Thus, Kerala cuisine is a blend of indigenous dishes and foreign dishes adapted to Kerala tastes. In addition to historical diversity, the cultural influences, particularly the large percentages of Muslims and Syrian Christians have also contributed unique dishes and styles to Kerala cuisine.

    Kerala is known as the 'land of Spices'. Kerala dishes are mostly cooked in coconut oil. The main dish for lunch and dinner is boiled rice and red rice is commonly eaten. Producing some of the tastiest foods on earth, the people of Kerala are gourmets with a difference.

  • Onam Festival:

    Onam is the most auspicious festival celebrated by the Malayalam speaking people all over the world for 10 days. It is the biggest cultural celebration that marks the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali, whose reign was considered a golden era of Kerala. People in Kerala make elaborate preparations during Onam and celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

    The highlight of the festival is the grand Onam Sadhya (traditional vegetarian feast). Sadya, in Malayalam, means a banquet. It is a multi-course vegetarian meal served with a variety of authentic dishes.

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