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Kerala Jewellery Collection

    Kerala jewellery is known for its richness in appearance, its light-weight and the bright yellow of the gold. Kerala jewelry designs have their own exclusive appeal. In combination with the traditional off-white saree or mundu, the gold jewellery in Kerala Design is a sight to the sore eye.

    Kerala wedding traditions are a strong reflection of its culture with rituals, food, jewels and dresses that have evolved over centuries. Ornaments plays an important role in Indian weddings. Jewelry studded with precious stones also plays a major role in Kerala bridal jewellery designs. If the bride's family intends to have a grand wedding, then they might go for designer or antique jewelry. The heaviest looking but light-weight jewellery designs are popular bridal jewellery that add a royal look to the bride.

    Types of Jewellery Designs: Bridal Jewellery - Antique Jewellery - Fashion Jewellery - Handmade Jewelry - Artificial Jewellery - Kundan Jewellery - Imitation Jewellery - Pearl Jewellery - Fine Jewelry - Fine Jewellery - Ethnic Jewellery - Mughal Jewellery - Beaded Jewellery & Gemstones.

Other types of Jewelery Designs:

    Kolkata Jewellery Designs - Vigraha Design - Temple Jewellery Designs - Polki Design - Light Weight Jewellery Designs - Ethnic Jewellery Designs - Ruby & Emerald Designs.